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The last weeks

Has been a while since my last post… OPW period is coming to the end, so, I’m going to show you in the next posts my work in Krita this summer.At first, we have made some changes in the appearance of our website, now the info is more clear and visual:




blog2Apart of the visual change, the content has been updated, the “News” section has more activity and all the weeks you can see news, interviews, videos, the state of the shop…

Has been a pleasure interviewing César Tellez, Coyau, Nayobe, Ramón Miranda, Yuri Fidelis, Ksenia, Yafd, Ohnoo, Greg and Tago. Thanks to them for giving me a little of their time 🙂

And the last thing for today’s post… Our twitter now is alive (well, I have to explain that). Before the OPW it was managed by a bot, now I’m who is around and publish. So, if you want to know al the news don’t forget to follow us! An the same for our new Tumblr account!

Have a nice day!


What is going on?

Hi to all!Here in Spain the temperatures are hot, are days of ice cream and fan. This week,  I have added a direct a new menu item on our page (Krita.org) wich goes to our forum, if you are one of our users, please have a look to the topics!
Today we are going to publish cool stuff of our artists in Zazzle. yay!

I’m working these days in the translation of the Krita KDE UserBase Wiki to Spanish. Sometimes is difficult translate something that in English makes sense and in Spanish seems Greek. But I like this task, and I’m learning a lot about Krita!
Yesterday I published the interview that I made to Ramón Miranda, working with the artists is being so cool! we can know how they work, what is their opinion about Krita, what they think needs improvements, and this make Krita growing faster.

After almost two years in open source communities I have to say that Krita is one of the best, always someone respond to your questions and tell his/her opinion of your work and help you to improve your skills. I’m enjoying my internship in Krita a lot! 🙂

OPW summer!

Hi to all!

This is the first post, but not the last. In this blog I’m going to explain to you my experiences on OPW (Outreach Program for Women), where I’m participating with Krita making a good web-shop, with a lot of stuff with the collaboration of Krita artists, and marketing!

We are two persons working for that, Chinkal and me. We have already begun with the work because we were excited of being part of the OPW!

GNOME Outreach Program for Women offers the possibility of being on an internship and working and collaborating in foss. Thanks for OPW for giving to me this oportunity, it will be a great summer!