The last weeks

Has been a while since my last post… OPW period is coming to the end, so, I’m going to show you in the next posts my work in Krita this summer.At first, we have made some changes in the appearance of our website, now the info is more clear and visual:




blog2Apart of the visual change, the content has been updated, the “News” section has more activity and all the weeks you can see news, interviews, videos, the state of the shop…

Has been a pleasure interviewing César Tellez, Coyau, Nayobe, Ramón Miranda, Yuri Fidelis, Ksenia, Yafd, Ohnoo, Greg and Tago. Thanks to them for giving me a little of their time 🙂

And the last thing for today’s post… Our twitter now is alive (well, I have to explain that). Before the OPW it was managed by a bot, now I’m who is around and publish. So, if you want to know al the news don’t forget to follow us! An the same for our new Tumblr account!

Have a nice day!


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