Interviews, merchandise and posts!

The internship is being so good. Now we are interviewing the artists that have collaborated with us for the creation of the merchandise. By now we have published two interviews: Enrico Guarnieri and Yuri Fidelis. Thanks to them 🙂

There are some new users in Krita that are creating images for the webshop. I hope that soon we can start publishing new merchandise in Zazzle, they are doing a great work.  So by now, most of all work consists in talking with our artists, interviewing them… We are doing some work in, updating some items on it and writing posts, also we are managing all the social presence. So please, if you are a user of Krita join our group on deviant art, and show to us your art!

Akademy is going on, Ramon Miranda and Thimothée Giet have done talks about Muses DVD and the new features that can be so good for comics. Congrats to them and in special to Thimothée who has been awarded 🙂



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